46th International Conference
Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics
7 - 13 June 2020

The Conference will cover the following topics :
    Mathematical Analysis and Applications - measures and integration, potential theory, functional analysis, Fourier analysis, approximations, special functions and integral transforms ;

    Differential Equations - ODE, PDE, integral equations, dynamical systems;

    Differential Geometry - tensor analysis, differential topology, Lie groups, complex manifolds;

    Operations Research, Economics, Programming - stability, numerical methods, finance, mathematical modeling;

    Numerical Methods and Mathematical Modeling;

    Statistics, Probability theory - branching processes, reliability, queueing theory, industrial sttistics;

    Software Innovations in Scientific Computing - algebraic structures in informatics, discrete structures;

    Informatics and Software Sciences


The above topics can be precised and complemented by announcing and organizing special sessions.