46th International Conference
Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics
Sozopol, 7 - 13 June, 2020

Organized by

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics,
Technical University of Sofia

Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics,
Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

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The 46th Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics (AMEE'20) will be held June 7 - 13, 2020 at the ancient town of Sozopol. The main goal of this series of conferences is to bring together experts and young talented scientists from Bulgaria and abroad to discuss the modern trends and to ensure exchange of views in various applications of mathematics in engineering, physics, economics, biology, etc. The peer-reviewed contributions of AMEE'19 were published in open access by American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, vol.2172, which is indexed in Scopus, Web of Knowledge and other databases. The Organizing Committee encourages the taking part of students and postgraduates and intends to organize a separate youth session. The invited lecturers are supposed to organize special sessions. The Organizing Committee stimulates a special discussion concerning the development and use of software innovations in the scientific computing and the student training in this area.

Local Organizing Committee

International Programme Committee

CHAIRPERSON: George Venkov CHAIRPERSON: Vesela Pasheva (Bulgaria)
Ivan Kralov VICE-CHAIR: Nedyu Popivanov (Bulgaria)
Igor Ananievski (Russia)
Lubomir Dechevsky (Norway)
Vladimir Georgiev (Italy)
Virginia Kiryakova (Bulgaria)
Michail Konstantinov (Bulgaria)

Ralitza Kovacheva (Bulgaria)

Alexander Ovseevich (Russia)

Alexander Soldatov (Russia)

Tynysbek Kalmenov (Kazakhstan)

Scientific Organizer: Alexey Nikolov (Bulgaria)

e-mail : amee@tu-sofia.bg
fax : +359 2 9653379

Currently Announced Special Sessions:

"Fractional Calculus, Special Functions and Applications"
organised by Prof. Virginia Kiryakova , IMI, BAS, and Prof. Jordanka Paneva , IMI, BAS, Bulgaria

"Partial Differential Equations and Applications"
organised by Prof. Nedyu Popivanov DSc., Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

"Data Science"
organised by Prof. Plamenka Borovska , FAMI, TU - Sofia, Bulgaria

"Software Sciences and Innovation for Interactive Presentation of Bulgarian Cultural and Historical Heritage"
organised by Prof. George Venkov, FAMI, TU - Sofia, Bulgaria

Sponsor: Research and Development Sector by the TU

Last update: January 22, 2020